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Transit Case Quick Quote

Packaging several items in one case? Use a table or desk top as a physical reference when measuring equipment, using the corner as your starting point and leave 1.0" clear space between each item. Then simply measure the "outside" dimensions of the layout, and the height of the tallest object to establish your minimum inside case dimensions.

Design Note: When completing this form, don't rely on OEM catalogue dimensions or make "allowances", as your accuracy will be reflected in our transit case design summary.

Unit of Measurement:
Interior Configuration:
Foam Type:

Custom Cases - Dimensional Reference

Minimum Inside Dimensions

"A" - Left to right.
"B" - Front to back.
"C" - Top to bottom
"E" Cover Height
Total Equipment Weight
Quantity Required

Options : Anodized or epoxy paint exterior finishes, cargo rings, stacking feet, aluminum partitions,

aluminum trays, document wallets, tool pallets, cooling fans, quick disconnects, breather valves, humidity indicators and a full range of casters.

Use this space for any additional product features you may need for this transit case requirement.

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