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Anti-Static Cases II

Anti-Static CaseIt is relatively easy to impliment and enforce the use of proper static controls (such as wrist straps, grounded workstations, etc.) at the manufacturing level.

Unfortunately, unless proper packaging and handling procedures are used after the product is shipped, the potential risk for ESD damages remains.

Recognizing that proper grounding and handling procedures are not always followed in the field, rigidized aluminum cases are used extensively by the electronics and telecommunications industry sectors to minimize this risk.

Unlike ATA cases, rigidized aluminum shipping cases and transit cases have a surface resistivity of 30 ohms, providing superior EMI/RFI shielding properties and a natural path for the dissipation of any static charge that may be present over the outer conductive surface area.

When combined with the use of anti-static and/or static dissipative cushioning materials, an equalization of electrostatic potentials between handler and shipping case contents automatically occurs, simply by opening the case.

By effectively providing anti-static isolation within a conductive faraday cage, catastrophic (DOA) or latent (No Fault Found) field reports are dramatically reduced using rigidized aluminum shipping cases and transit cases, saving on maintenance repair costs and maximizing revenues.

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