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Custom Case Exteriors

Rackmount Case ShellInstead of using pre-molded plastic shells or ready-assembled plywood configurations, Quantum Scientific can provide a custom welded aluminum case configuration designed to fit your specific case requirements, without compromise.

Rigidized Aluminum does not shrink or swell due to environmental changes, such as extreme heat or cold. Our products are waterproof, moldproof, dustproof and are approximately 40 times stronger than comparable industry standard cases. Another significant issue when considering exterior materials for shipping protective cases, is weight. Over 35% lighter than laminated cases, aluminum is the smart solution.

We use over 70 tons of pressure to bend our rigidized aluminum, which creates the outer case shell. This effectively eliminates the need for ball corners or clamps to hold the case together. The end caps are then fused to the case body by a full TIG weld process, providing an incredibly strong, durable and watertight seam.

Unlike embossing, "rigidizing" is a mated rolling process which we use to increase the realized wall thickness and strength of our custom cases by over 50% without increasing the realized weight.

Our special mated aluminum valances provide the same structural integrity of 0.75" "U" channel and are provided complete with a neoprene seal.

Custom Case Shell IIAt Quantum Scientific, form follows function

Cases from Quantum Scientific offer the highest strength to weight ratio of any custom case technology, and our products are available in over 75 million different sizes and styles.

We also offer custom paint finishes with hundreds of color choices, corporate nameplates and a plethora of additional accessories and options to compliment your design.

If you have any additional questions concerning our custom case technologies, please contact us directly at 1-800-268-6000 or rfq@cyber-case.com.

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